Love Matters

American physicist and author Alan Lightman tells of a childhood experience that set him on a life-long journey of hope, meaning, and new possibilities. He writes, “I was looking up at the sky one night when I was about ten years old, and I felt like my life didn’t matter. And I guess it was …

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The Art of Sermon Illustrations

Every writer, Pastor, teacher, or speaker needs help in preparing material. Even the most experienced preacher knows that their sermon can use support in the form of quotations, historical anecdotes, personal testimonies, popular films, music, current events, and other cultural references, among others. None of us has unlimited experience. Our people deserve our taking the …

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Good News

It’s been said that never in the history of mankind has a study of the life of Jesus been more vital and rewarding. In an age of anxiety and despair, the ministry and message of Jesus speak more clearly than ever of God’s purpose for the world. Amid the chaos and confusion of our time …

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The Need To Change

Psychiatrists tell us that a common complaint of their patients is “I don’t seem to be going anywhere with my life.” Reason enough, to be in the grip of despair. One is reminded of the ancient parable of life in which a young sea horse said to his father… “Give me my inheritance. It’s time …

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The Good Friday Cross

The way His death came about was swift and sickening. You know the story. Even while Peter was denying Him before a servant girl in the courtyard, Jesus was being shipped off to Pilate. This Roman Governor hated the Jews whom he ruled over. He caught on to their game quickly and started trying to …

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The “Fable of the Birds” is a story about creation. All the newly made animals were walking around discovering what it was like to be alive — all, that is, except the birds! They stood around complaining because God had given them a heavy burden that he’d given no other animal—awkward appendages attached to their …


Talk To The Children – Developing Children’s Sermons in Your Ministry

A little girl sat at her grandmother’s feet to listen to the creation story from the Book of Genesis. As the wondrous tale unfolded, the grandmother noticed that the child was unusually quiet. “Well, what do you think of it, dear?” she asked. “Wow,  I love it, Grandma,” the child answered, “you never know what …

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Effective Use of Figures of Speech in Your Sermons By Louis Colaianni

In writing your Sunday Sermons, it is useful to deploy such figures of speech as metaphor, simile and hyperbole. But one must not overlook those figures of speech that require skilled vocal production and articulation: Alliteration; Assonance; Onomatopoeia; and Sound Symbolism. Use the examples below to develop greater skill using Figures of Speech in your …

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