Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 31, 2024

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 31, 2024

Good morning, girls and boys. Happy Easter! I’m sure many of you have gone to an Easter Egg hunt, either at home or at school. And when you got out of bed on this Easter morning perhaps you found an Easter basket containing brightly colored eggs and other good things to eat! It seems at Easter time, everywhere we look, we see candy eggs, colored eggs, and egg decorations. But do you know, boys and girls what eggs have to do with Easter? Exactly what is the meaning of the Easter Egg?

For centuries, people thought of the egg as something very special. When you look at an egg, it just seems like a solid object. But when it hatches, out comes a live baby chick or other bird. The hatching of the egg truly is a miracle! And the life it produces has become a symbol of many wonderful things. Things like springtime when everything comes alive — when the trees and grass turn green, and all the beautiful flowers start to bloom.

It is also a symbol of Jesus. After His Resurrection, the egg became a religious symbol. Many years ago, the tradition was for Christians to exchange colored Easter Eggs with each other and announce, “Christ is Risen.”

Boys and girls, that’s how the tradition of the Easter egg — this wonderful symbol of life — became so important at Easter time.

So, the next time someone asks you if you know what the meaning of the Easter Egg is, you can say, “Yes, I know egg-zactly how it started!”

Boys and girls, this week, as you enjoy all the treats in your Easter basket, especially the Easter Eggs, remember those special words, “Christ has Risen.” Today and every day, those words have special meaning for us because we have Jesus Christ in our hearts!


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