Children’s Sunday Sermon August 13, 2023

Children’s Sunday Sermon

Good morning boys and girls. Did you know that the tiny little chip in your computer or smartphone is made up of something called silicon? Did you know that silicon is nothing more than ordinary sand that you find on the beach? Think of this chip as the “brain” inside of a computer. And that brain which can figure millions of things every second, is smaller than the nail on your little finger. Wow, that sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it, boys and girls? And every time you turn on the switch, the computer’s screen comes to life, and up pops a game, music, or the other wonderful programs that you may have used on computers at school or home. And even though you don’t know exactly how something made of sand can do all the miraculous things that it does, each time you hit the button to turn on your computer, you expect it to work. Each time you hit the switch, you have faith that it will turn on!

Boys and girls, there are many stories in our Bibles about the miracles that Jesus performed during His lifetime. He gave sight to a blind man. He turned water into wine. He cured a man that was crippled. He even raised a man named Lazarus from the dead. And believe it or not, Jesus is here for us today to work miracles in our everyday lives. That’s right, all we need to do is to open our hearts to Jesus’ teaching, and all things will be possible. We need to have faith that each time we turn to Him, He will be more reliable than our phone. We need to have faith that He is always ready to teach us the lessons that no computer in the world ever can – and that gives us the power and the strength and the desire to care deeply about our sisters and brothers everywhere. Jesus wants us to switch the power of love to the on position and keep it there!


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