Children’s Sunday Sermon August 6, 2023

Children’s Sunday Sermon

Good morning boys and girls. Today I want to tell you a story about a little ant who felt like he wasn’t being treated fairly. He thought he was given more than his fair share of work to do. You see, he had the job of carrying a piece of a twig that was so long and heavy that his legs wobbled with every step. He thought to himself, “Why have I been asked to carry such a heavy load?” And to make things worse, he suddenly came upon a crack in the sidewalk that he thought would be impossible to cross.

And then an idea popped into his head. What do you think he did, boys and girls? That’s right! He pushed that twig across the crack until it reached the other side, forming a bridge that he could cross over. Wow, isn’t that great? That little ant was able to turn what seemed like an unfair burden into something great!

Boys and girls, it is the same way for Jesus’ loyal followers. Sometimes we feel like we have been given more than our fair share of work to do. Sometimes we feel like asking, “Why have I been asked to carry such a heavy load?” What are some of those times, boys and girls? How about when you are asked to visit a sick friend or relative when you would rather be playing with your friends – or when you are asked to share your things with someone who has less than you? And you might ask yourself, “Why do I have to do this?” Well, you already know the answer. It is because that’s what Jesus has asked of you as one of His loyal followers. And just like that little ant, when you carry your heavy load, you will be blessed with the peace of spirit that will fill up your heart – your heavy burden will turn into something great. When you do this, you will form a friendly bridge from your heart to others.

Boys and girls, the next time you are riding in your car and travel over a bridge, I want you to think about our story today. And I want you to ask yourself, “Am I doing my fair share? Or would I rather complain about the work that has been asked of me?” And then think of it as a reminder that you can form a friendly bridge from your heart to others.

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