Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 11, 2024

Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 11, 2024

Good morning, girls and boys. We all like to take walks, don’t we? Especially if the walk takes us to someplace nice. Some of you may have walked along the beach or next to a beautiful lake. And I guess all of us like walking in the park.

Once, there were four men who went on a walk together through the woods. Because there were so many big trees all around them, they couldn’t see very far ahead. That’s why they were surprised when they saw a high wall in front of them. They all had the same idea: “Let’s see what is on the other side.” So, they found some heavy branches that had fallen from the trees, and they built a ladder.

The first man to climb to the top of the ladder looked over the wall, and he saw the most beautiful flowers he had ever seen. And there were all kinds of beautiful trees with all sorts of fruits growing on them. Seeing all that beauty, the first man just couldn’t wait so he jumped right in. The second man climbed the ladder and did the same. So did the third man.

When the fourth man got to the top of the ladder, he wanted to jump right in also. But then he thought of his family and friends. And instead of jumping right in, he went down the ladder to tell them about the beautiful land on the other side of the wall. He wanted to share that good news with them.

The Lord Jesus brings us Good News about how much God loves us. And when He does, He tells us not to keep it to ourselves (like a secret), but to share God’s love with our families and friends and neighbors.

Do you suppose they will love you for doing that? Of course, they will! Everyone loves Good News!

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