Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 18, 2024

Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 18, 2024

Good morning, boys and girls. On this Sunday, we begin the religious season that members of our Christian family call “Lent.” This special season began four days ago on “Ash Wednesday” and will last for forty days. But what does the word Lent mean to us?

The season of Lent is a time of “repentance.” We’ve talked about this word before. To repent is to admit things we have done wrong, ask for God’s forgiveness, and then decide to change so we won’t do those wrong things again. This sounds easy, doesn’t it? We all know when we do something wrong, don’t we? We all know how to say we are sorry. The hard part for all of us is to change — that means to change the wrong behavior.

You may have heard some adults say, “I gave up coffee for Lent,” or “I gave up sweets for Lent.” Giving up something you really like — making a sacrifice — can help to be a reminder during Lent. Every time someone thinks of that thing that they miss, they remember the meaning of this season — that Lent can be difficult because it is a time to be sorry for the wrongs we have done and to try to change and do right!

Girls and boys, here’s a funny way for you to remember this message. If you LENT your friend 50¢ for lunch yesterday, and tomorrow he brings you a dollar, you would owe him some CHANGE!

Lent is a time for Change because “Repent” means that first, we must be sorry for doing wrong, and then we must change, so we will do better in the future.

Now you know what is expected of you and of all members of our Christian family during the season of Lent — and you have from now until Easter not to just think about it but to change for the better.

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