Children’s Sunday Sermon
January 28, 2024

Children’s Sunday Sermon
January 28, 2024
Good morning, girls and boys. I hope you are all doing better in school than a little boy named Johnny I heard about this past week. Johnny told his father that he didn’t want to go to school. His Dad asked: “Why not? Do you have a headache?” “No,” said Johnny. “Do you have a runny nose?” “No,” he said. “Do you have a cough?” “No,” answered Johnny. “Well, then, what do you have?”

Johnny cried, “A spelling test!”

I’m sure all of you have felt like staying home when you weren’t prepared for a test in school. But you know that the right thing to do when that happens is, to be honest and ask your teacher and your mom or dad for help.

Did you know that Jesus is called the greatest Teacher that ever lived? We have learned in the Bible that Jesus did many things in His life. He went fishing with the Apostles, prepared dinner for crowds of hungry people, read the Scriptures at services, visited the sick, attended weddings, and spent time with little children. But wherever He went, whatever He did, He always turned it into a lesson for life.

And through the Gospel Lessons, Jesus continues to teach us to this day. Let’s remember what some of these lessons are:
To help each other;
Not to fight with each other;
To give something to those who need us;
To take care of those who are weaker than us;
To be patient with everyone;
To forgive others who have been mean to us;
To do what is good for others.

And we do these things because that is what God expects us to do. We know this through the teachings of Jesus — the Greatest Teacher of all time!

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