Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 3, 2024

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 3, 2024

Good morning, girls and boys. Right now, I want each one of you to think about something that you have at home that is really important to you. Something you really, really like. Is everyone thinking of something? O.K. great!

Perhaps some of you had a birthday recently, and you are thinking of a great birthday present you received. Maybe others here today are cherishing something you received for Christmas a few months ago. Or maybe it’s all the money you saved in your piggy bank. Am I right? Everyone who thought of one of those kinds of things, please raise your hand. O.K.

We call those material things — possessions — things that we sometimes think we could never live without — things like computers, video games, TV screens, and money so we can buy more of those things!

But I know girls and boys, if you really think about it, if you take the time to look deep into your hearts, what is it really that you can’t live without?

No, let’s try this again. Are you thinking about what is most important to you? Good.

Now I hope you’re thinking about your family and your teachers or the other boys and girls in this room. And you know what’s different about this list? That’s right — now you are thinking about God’s creations — God’s children — and remember, the important job you have as children of God to is show those who are most important to you how much you care about them.

Now, let’s think about that this week! Let’s remember what’s most important! Let’s show all the members of our Christian family that they are Number One on our list!


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