Children’s Sunday Sermons August 2016

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 7, 2016
Good morning boys and girls! It’s time to talk about money again! You might be thinking to yourselves, “why money again! We’ve talked about this before.” Well, you know what boys and girls? Some people say that the number one sickness in the world is the love of money.

Jesus talks a lot about money in our Bibles, boys and girls, because he knew that so many people were money sick. He didn’t say that money all by itself was bad. Of course it isn’t. We all need money to buy the things that we need in order to live. But what Jesus did say was if we love money too much that’s bad. Today we read in our Bibles that Jesus said, “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Can anyone tell me what this means? Well let me help you with this one. Suppose what you treasured above all other things was a certain possession that you had — maybe a toy or a game — or if you are a collector maybe a baseball card or a stamp or a coin. What if that was the most important thing in your life? What if that was all you ever talked about, or cared about or looked at? Would that be a good way to live? No, of course not. What Jesus is telling us is that if we put money ahead of everything else then that is not a good way to live either. You see sometimes people can become so interested in making money that they forget what the important lessons are.

Now suppose you treasured something else. Suppose you put your love of God and your belief in our Bible ahead of everything else? Suppose you’ve been really practicing all of your lessons because you treasure them above all else. Would that be a good way to live? Of course it would! It would be the best way to live. And like it says in our Bible, to treasure God is to tell Him that He lives in our hearts!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 14, 2016
Good morning boys and girls. Today I want to tell you a story about a little boy who had to go to the hospital after falling off his bike. The doctors and nurses carefully examined the boy and realized that he was not badly hurt. Still they decided to keep him in the hospital overnight so they could be sure. After he got to his room a nurse came to his bedside with a big glass of milk and several cookies. As the little boy reached for the snack he remembered how it was at home. At home he had to share everything with his six brothers and sisters. He picked up the tray and asked the nurse, “How much can I drink and how much can I eat?” And the nurse said, “Eat and drink as much as you can!”

That tray of milk and cookies must have seemed like a real blessing to the little boy who was used to always sharing with his bothers and sisters. That boy must have been really listening to his Bible Lessons! And just like that little boy, Jesus wants each one of us to share our blessings with our brothers and sisters everywhere. He wants us to share not only our food with those who are hungry, but also our love with those who hunger to know that we care for them. So boys and girls, how much love should you share with your sisters and brothers everywhere? Share as much as you can!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 21, 2016
Good morning girls and boys. Today we read in our Bibles that Jesus said, “There are those now last who shall be first and those now first who shall be last.” What do you suppose Jesus meant when He said this?

Before you answer I want you to think about a person who cuts in line ahead of everyone in the cafeteria, or at the water fountain. Or maybe you’ve seen someone push their way ahead of everyone at the grocery store or in line at the movies. What do you think about that person when you see him trying to get ahead of everyone else, or you see her pushing her way to the front of the line? That’s right, it’s not very polite to act that way, is it? But it’s more than just impolite. It tells us that person doesn’t want to do what is expected of him as a loyal follower of Jesus. Instead, such persons want to put themselves ahead of everyone else who are doing the right things and waiting their turn. They feel so important that they think they don’t have to follow the rules like everyone else.

Well you know what boys and girls, Jesus has something to say about people who act that way. Jesus is telling us that those who do the right thing and respect their neighbors will be doing God’s Will. In doing so we are following Jesus’ examples, just like we do when we listen with our hearts, and share, and help, and all the other things that are expected of us. Jesus is telling us that if we think about others, instead of always thinking about ourselves first then we are doing the work that is expected of us as loyal followers. Boys and girls, the next time you find yourself wishing you could go to the head of the line without waiting your turn, remember — if you do the right thing and wait your turn, soon enough you’ll get there. And more importantly, when you treat your neighbor the way Jesus has taught us then you are already at the head of the line in the eyes of God.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 28, 2016
Good morning boys and girls. There’s a true story about a professional football quarterback who was eating in a restaurant one day. He noticed a little boy, eagerly walking to his table. Seeing this, the football star quickly signed his autograph on the lunch menu, certain that was what the boy wanted. Just as the little boy arrived at the man’s table, the famous quarterback handed him the menu with his autograph. Puzzled, the boy looked at the quarterback and said, “No thanks mister. Can I borrow your ketchup?”

That’s a funny story boys and girls but it also teaches us a lesson. There are times when we might think that we’re a big shot, and along comes a boy like that to bring us back down to earth!

Jesus has taught us a lot about this subject. He said if a man exalts himself he will be humbled. What does this mean boys and girls? It means exactly what we learned in our little story today. The famous quarterback was so used to having everyone ask for his autograph that he was sure that was what the boy wanted. But then came the boy’s surprise answer — and the famous man was humbled by that little boy who didn’t even know who he was! All he wanted from the star football player was the ketchup!

And Jesus has taught us something more in today’s lesson. He also says, the man who humbles himself will be exalted. It’s the opposite of what the quarterback did. If we take time to think that others are also important before thinking we are the most important, then God will put us first. Instead of asking us for the ketchup bottle, God will want our autograph. He’ll know that we have signed our names to the promise of always remembering to practice our faith. He’ll know that we have signed our name to the promise to love one another as He has loved us! And when you do that, you’ll be a star in the eyes of God!

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