Children’s Sunday Sermons January 2013

Children’s Sunday Sermon
January 1, 2013
Good morning boys and girls. Today is the first day of 2004 and I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year.

If we think about what we talked about last Sunday, we can agree that this can be a happy new year for all of us. That’s because last week we said that “All through the year we will help who is near.” We said the year 2013 is the year we will do a better job of following the examples of Jesus, the Greatest Teacher who ever lived!

I know all of you have been hearing a lot about New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a very old tradition for people to pledge to make changes in the new year. And this year is no different. This week I saw on the news people promising that they would eat less, and exercise more. Some said they would quit smoking. Others promised to get better organized or to save money, or get a better job. Every January 1st, people seem to have such high hopes for what they can do in the new year. But when you talk to them a month later you find out that the diet didn’t last, or they haven’t made it to the gym, or that they can’t seem to quit smoking, and they get discouraged. But you know what girls and boys? When you follow the example of Jesus, you will be doing more in 2013, and you will be one of the few who can say a month from now, “Yes, I am keeping my New Year’s resolutions!”

We’ve said it many times before, being a loyal follower of Jesus isn’t just for Sunday, or New Year’s day. No, it’s a 24 hour a day, seven day a week job that we should be getting better at, day-after-day, week-after-week, if we have been really listening to our Bible Lessons. So let’s get busy! Let’s get to work not just saying, but doing more, in 2013! Happy New Year!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
January 6, 2013
Good morning boys and girls. I hope every one is having a very Happy New Year so far! Let’s see how smart you all are by starting today with a little quiz. Besides Tuesday and Thursday can anyone name two days of the week that begin with the letter “T.” Give up? How about TODAY and TOMORROW! Okay here’s an even harder one. How many seconds are there in a year? We could be here all day figuring that one out but let me give you the answer. There are twelve seconds in a year: the second of January, February, March, April . . . I think you get the idea.

Today we read in our Bibles about three very smart men. The Bible calls them the three “Wise Men from the East.” In our Lesson today they follow a very bright star and travel to Bethlehem to visit the newborn baby Jesus. In our lesson we read, “and there in front of them was the star they had seen rising, and the sight of the star filled them with delight.” You see boys and girls these three wise men knew that Jesus was coming and they followed the star as their guide. Even though the star was in the sky for everyone to see, these wise men were smart enough to look for it and follow it.

Boys and girls our recipe book for living, our Holy Bible is here for everyone to see. But the question is, are we wise enough to follow the lessons that it provides for us? Are we smart enough to be the kind of loyal followers Jesus want us to be?

Children’s Sunday Sermon
January 13, 2013
Good morning boys and girls. Today we read in our Bibles about the baptism of Jesus. Have you ever thought about that boys and girls? We know very little about Jesus as a boy. We do know that when He was only twelve years old He appeared for a moment in the Temple. And it’s not until He is thirty years old that He appears again, this time at the River Jordan where John the Baptist is baptizing and preaching. And it is from this moment on in Jesus’ life that He is called by God to go throughout the land teaching the Good News that God is with us always. And God speaks to Jesus during this event, His voice coming down from heaven says, “This is My beloved Son, my favor rests on You.” This is Jesus’ call from God to begin His teaching, spreading the Good News here on earth.

Like Jesus’ Baptism, our own baptism is our call to do the work here on earth that God expects us to do. God is guiding us. How do we show God that we are hearing His lesson and following His guidance? By the way we care for others. The way we share with others. The way we forgive others. The way we love others. Our Bible is the greatest guide book ever written on how to do the work that God expects of each of us. And when you do this work, you will hear God say, “This is My beloved, son, My favor rests on you. This is My beloved daughter, My favour rests on you.” In other words, God will be pleased with you!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
January 20, 2013
Good morning boys and girls. In our Bible Lesson today we read about a great wedding feast that Jesus and His mother Mary attended. During the feast the supply of wine ran out and the servants were not sure what to do. Mary told them to do whatever Jesus tells them to do. So He instructed them to fill up some big jars with water. And guess what? The water turned into wine for the wedding guests to enjoy. This is one of the best known miracles that Jesus performed. This is called a miracle of transformation — making something change into something new. That’s what transformation means.

And just like the servants at the wedding feast, as loyal followers, we are also expected to “do whatever He tells us.” What are some of the things that He has told us to do? That’s right. We have been instructed to love one another as He loves each one of us. We have been told to share with those who have less than us. We have been told to help those who are lonely. We have been told to listen to others with our heart.

And when we do these things Jesus will perform a miracle of transformation in our lives. He can transform our ordinary lives into real-life examples of His love!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
January 27, 2013
Good morning boys and girls. Have you ever heard the expression “no news is good news?” Maybe you watch the evening news with your parents and you hear them talk about all of the bad things we find out about each day. It is true boys and girls that there are problems here in our city, in our country and all over the world. There are wars, and hungry people and other things that aren’t such good news. But as loyal followers of Jesus, we know that it is our job to help to bring some good news to our home, and our Christian family.

We read in our Bibles today that Jesus entered the temple one Sunday like He normally did and said, “The Spirit of the Lord has been given to Me. He has sent me to bring Good news . . .” What is this good news that Jesus is talking about? Well we have already learned that in our Bible, the four books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the Gospels, talk about all of the good news that Jesus has for us. And most of all His Good News Message is very simple: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Boys and girls this week let’s all get out there and start spreading the good news of Jesus by showing Him how much we do love one another, through our good works of caring and sharing and helping and listening. Let’s make sure everyone hears all about it! There’s a famous song about New York City, called New York, New York that starts out with words I would like you to remember this week. It starts out by saying simply, “Start spreading the news!” Okay, start spreading the Good News of God’s Love for everyone!

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