Children’s Sunday Sermons June 2024

Children’s Sunday Sermon
June 2, 2024
Good morning, girls and boys. How many here have thought about what you would like to be when you grow up? Let’s hear some ideas. Excellent! How about a carpenter? Building things is a fantastic profession, and Jesus learned carpentry from his foster Father, Joseph. Have you thought about being a teacher? Teaching young people is one of the most important jobs, and Jesus was a superb teacher. How about a storyteller? Public speakers and teachers are storytellers; Jesus may have been the greatest storyteller ever! How about a Doctor? Taking care of people and helping them get well is an awesome job. Jesus was a doctor in many ways because He had incredible healing powers far greater than any Doctor today. We learned about a man named Lazarus, whom Jesus brought back from death. He restored eyesight to a blind man. He cured people of terrible diseases. Yes, Jesus was a Great Healer.

But just as awesome is Jesus’ power to heal our hearts. You know He is always right there for people who are lonely, sad, worried or need peace of mind. He’s right there by their side. He’s right there to heal anyone who needs Him.

Like Jesus, we have some of the same responsibilities as loyal followers. We also need to be healers to anyone who needs us- anyone who needs us to listen, care, share with, help, be a friend to, and love. Those are all powers of healing that we can use as loyal followers of Jesus. As members of the Christian family, we are expected to do God’s good works here on earth. 

Boys and girls, I’m sure some of you will be Doctors someday. But I also know that all of you can be healers for God’s children. And that’s good medicine!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
June 9, 2024

Good morning, boys and girls. Today, we read in our Bibles that Jesus said to a woman in trouble, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” What does it mean to have faith? What is faith? One meaning is belief in something without being able to prove it. Another meaning is trust. Of course, the most important meaning for us is our belief in God—our trust in God. And we can prove it!

For us members of the Christian family, it can be easy to trust in God. We see signs of God everywhere: in the miracles of the plants and animals and all the good things that God created on earth, in the love that we have for each other. But sometimes, it’s not easy to have faith.

Did you know that the radio was invented just a little more than 100 years ago? Television was invented even shorter. And the radar that helps planes fly through the sky was invented even shorter? All those inventions have one thing in common. They use invisible radio and other kinds of “waves” to transmit music, pictures, and other important information through the air.

The remote control you use every day for your TV uses invisible “waves” to work. Amazing, isn’t it? Believe it or not, these “waves” were first discovered by a teenager named Guglielmo Marconi, who believed that this invisible energy existed and wanted to prove it.

In an experiment, he placed something like a doorbell at one end of a table, and a switch at the other. He pressed the switch, and electric sparks flew into the air, and the bell rang at the other end of the table—and no wires were connecting them! Amazing, isn’t it? Marconi had discovered that he could use invisible “waves” in the air to transmit things.

Boys and girls, when you turn on the radio at your house, you know that music will come out of the speakers. But when Marconi pressed the switch and expected the bell to ring, he had faith that it would work. He believed that invisible waves did exist. Because of his faith in his experiment, he made possible the invention of so many wonderful things we have today.

And so, it is with our faith. Through our faith in God, all things are possible. We can’t see God exactly, but we can feel Him through His miracles—the miracles of the birds and the bees and the mountains and the moon and the stars. And the biggest miracle, the biggest proof of all, is the miracle of you! Oh, one more thing, boys and girls. God also created radio waves. Amazing, isn’t it?

Children’s Sunday Sermon
June 16, 2024

Good morning, boys and girls. Today, we read in our Bibles that Jesus said if we really want to be His loyal followers, then we must carry our own cross. What do you suppose this means, boys and girls? You have already learned that God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to live with us. You have also learned that Jesus was nailed to a cross and died a painful death so that our sins may be forgiven. And as loyal followers, Jesus has instructed us to pick up our cross. You see, boys and girls, we all have “a cross to bear.” This means that we all have things that we must do that are expected of us, even if they are hard to do. What are some of these things, boys and girls?

What if your grandmother or other relative got sick and needed you and your family, but the problem was that it was at the same time you were supposed to go on your spring vacation? If your mom or dad told you that the vacation would have to be postponed, that would be a big disappointment, wouldn’t it? But if you stayed at home instead of going on your trip, you and the rest of your family could give the love, support, friendship, and care to the person who was sick. And if you did that, you would be doing the good work expected of you as a loyal follower of Jesus. Your cross in this situation, boys and girls, would be the sacrifice you made when you canceled your trip and stayed home to help someone who needed you. You can think of other examples of picking up your cross. And remember, when you do this, even though it is hard, you are doing the work that is expected of you as a loyal follower of Jesus. So, this week, let’s all prepare to pick up our cross and do some heavy lifting!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
June 23, 2024

Good morning, boys and girls. Like every Sunday, we will talk and think about God today. Today, we will discuss the lessons Jesus taught in the best recipe book ever—our Bible. But let me ask you, boys and girls: “Is today the only day of the week that we need to be thinking about these things?” Of course, it isn’t.

We should think about our Bible lessons not just on Sunday but every day. And not just every day, but every hour, we should be doing our “homework”—we should always be practicing the Lessons that Jesus has taught us. You see, boys and girls, these are not Lessons to be learned and then forgotten. No! These are Lessons we must practice every day and every hour of our lives! And that goes for children and adults, too!

Suppose you had a spelling or math test this week. What would you do? That’s right, you would study your lessons at school and do your homework assignments later that day. You would practice spelling words or arithmetic until you got it right. And then, hopefully, you will do well the next day when you take your exam. But it wouldn’t end there, boys and girls, would it? No, of course not. The words you learned to spell will be used during your entire life- many of them daily. You would need to be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers every single day. You would need to know these things at school, at work, at the grocery, or at the gas station. The same is true with your Bible lessons. You come here each Sunday and study, and then during the week, you must practice, practice, and practice what you have learned. But for all of us, the big test won’t be next week, boys and girls. The big test won’t come until we take our place in the Kingdom of Heaven, just as God has promised. And then God will tell us if we passed our test. God will decide if we learned and lived His Lessons here on earth. So now you see, boys and girls, we have a lot of work to really need you. I’m sure you can think of other examples of picking up your cross.  And remember, when you do this, even though it is hard, you are doing the work that is expected of you as a loyal follower of Jesus. So, this week, let’s all prepare to pick up our cross and do some heavy lifting!

Let’s all get busy this week and practice, practice, practice!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
June 30, 2024

Good morning, boys and girls. Today, I want us to think about some of the “shapes” that we can see in nature -shapes that we see in the world around us. Can you name some of those shapes?  That’s right! Mountains sometimes have a triangular shape. With their high peaks forming a point at the top and their wide base at the bottom, they look like a triangle.

How about a farmer’s field? With corn or other vegetables planted in neat rows, the farmer’s field forms the shape of a square or a rectangle. How about when you look far out at the ocean or a big lake? There, you will see a straight line that forms the horizon.

And now comes the best shape—the circle. That’s right! The sun, the moon, and the earth all look like circles, as do many flowers, seeds, and other wonderful creations of God. The circle is my favorite shape. And unlike the triangle, the square, the rectangle, or the straight line, you can’t find a beginning or an ending point of a circle, can you? It just goes ‘round and ‘round!

We know what, boys and girls. Our Christian community is like a circle. Each of us, joining hands together, forms a great big circle—and the inside of our faith circle is overflowing with God’s love for us. And each one of us in the circle is very important! If just one person in the circle lets go, we wouldn’t have a circle anymore, would we? 

Let’s all get up right now, join hands, and form our circle to show God we are thinking of Him today. And don’t let go! This week, as you look up at the sun and all the wonderful flowers, I want you to think of God’s Circle of Love made up of all His children joining hands. And that’s a good reminder for us every day, boys and girls, to keep practicing the Bible Lessons we learn here each week!


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