Children’s Sunday Sermons March 2022

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 6, 2022

Good morning boys and girls. Today we are going to talk about the word, “Worship.” What does this word mean? Yes, to love and respect and adore something is to “worship” it.  And usually when we think of this word, we think of God. Of course, that is one of the most important reasons why the members of our Christian community gather in Church each week — to worship God. To love, and honor, and respect, and adore God!

You know what boys and girls? Many people might say they think of God when they hear the word worship, but their actions tell a different story. What do I mean, boys and girls? Well, for some, money, or fame, or good looks, are the things at the center of their lives. We can see by the way they live that they worship these things. Maybe you’ve heard some people say, “I’d give anything in the world to . . . have a certain car . . . or a big house . . . or an important job . . . or win the lottery . . . or look like a certain movie star.” They say they would give anything in the world for those things! What does that tell us, boys, and girls? It tells us that those are the things that they truly worship. I know we wouldn’t want to hear our mother or father tell us that they worship any of those things above all else, even us. And it is the same way with our relationship with God. He doesn’t want us to put the worship of things ahead of our love, respect, and worship of Him!

Today we read in our Bibles, boys, and girls, that we “must worship God and serve Him alone” (Luke 4:8). In other words, we must think of God before we think of “things.”

This week, boys, and girls, when you are watching your favorite musician or actor on television; when you are wishing for a favorite game or toy; when you are trying to look or act a certain way, ask yourself, “What do I really worship?” And hopefully, soon you will be answering “GOD!” And you’ll truly mean it.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 13, 2022

Good morning girls and boys. One of the most precious gifts we have received from God is the gift of sight. Of all our senses, this is probably our most important. Just think how different our world would be if we didn’t have the gift of sight. Of course, there are people who do not have sight, and they have learned to adapt to make better use of their other senses, such as the gifts of hearing and touching. But for most of us, our sense of sight is our greatest connection to the world around us. Now let’s try an experiment. I need a volunteer who will come to the front of the room and put on this blindfold. Now try to find your way back to your seat. Don’t worry, I’m right beside you to help you on your way. Now just think how tough that would have been if I wasn’t here to guide you!

Boys and girls, you may not want to admit it, but I’m sure many of you were afraid of the dark when you were little. Even adults are sometimes afraid when they are alone in the dark. For little children, it can be frightening at night when they can’t see past their bedroom door. And then comes a wonderful sight! In walks their mother or father to tuck them in, or to read them a bedtime story.

Boys and girls, for all of us, children, and adults too, there are times when everything seems dark — times when things seem especially difficult. At those times, even if it is daylight outside it may seem dark inside. It is at those times that we need a wonderful sight. It is at those times that we need someone right beside us to help guide us on our way. And you know that your parents can’t always be right beside you, and neither can I. But don’t worry, boys and girls. Jesus is always right there beside you to help guide you on your way. Jesus is always there to shine His bright light into the dark places inside.

We read in our Bibles today that Jesus went up to a mountain to pray with some of His followers. And when He began to pray, His face changed, and His clothing became as bright as lightening. Jesus was shining His bright light for all to see!

The next time you are afraid boys and girls remember, you are never alone! Jesus is always beside you to light the way!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 20, 2022

Good morning boys and girls. Do you ever make lists of important things that you must remember to do? Maybe your mom or dad makes a list of your chores, like clearing the table after meals or taking out the garbage. Maybe you keep a “to do” list of your homework assignments. Most people who work in offices make long “to do” lists so they can remember the important things they must do each day at work, and they keep track of them in special calendars. “To do” lists are a very good way to remember things and to stay organized. This morning, I have a list from the greatest book of things to remember ever written:

Do you remember to bless people even when they say mean things to you? (Lk.6:28)

Do you remember to share with people who have less than you? (Lk.6:30)

Do you remember to do good deeds — even for those who are not your friends? (Lk.6:27)

Do you remember to love your enemies? (Lk.6:27)

Do you remember to feel for other people? (Lk.6:36)

When you see a friend who is in need, do you remember to think of Jesus? (Mt.26:31-46)

I don’t think any of us here this morning can answer YES to all those questions, all the time. But guess what boys and girls? Those are all things that should be on our “to do” lists.  Those are all printed in the greatest “to do” list ever written, our Holy Bible. Those are all instructions for being a loyal follower of Jesus. That’s a tall order, isn’t it boys and girls?

Today we read in our Bible that “unless we repent, we will perish.” We’ve talked about the word “repentance,” before.  That’s right — REPENTANCE means we feel sorry for something that we did wrong, and we promise not to do that wrong thing ever again. As members of our Christian community we have certain responsibilities, certain things on our “to do” lists as God’s disciples. And if we are not doing all these things we need to repent — we need to do better. This week let’s all think about our “to do” lists. And just like any “to do” list, the more often we look at it, the more we think about it, the better we will be at doing all the things on our list.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 27, 2022

Good morning girls and boys. Today I would like us to talk about forgiveness. We all get angry when someone does something or says something mean to us. That’s a normal human reaction. But what do we do about it? Soon the anger passes and next comes the hard part: to forgive. If we don’t forgive the person who did wrong to us, we are left holding a bag full of bad feelings and resentment, and even hate. If we don’t forgive, the backpack of emotions we all carry around with us will begin to weigh us down with those bad feelings. You may say to yourself, “I don’t want to forgive that boy or girl because he was mean to me, or she was mean to me. Why should I be the one who has to forgive?”

I’ll tell you why boys and girls. Because God wants you to forgive! That’s right, God wants you to love one another just as He loves us. He wants you to forgive others, just as He offers forgiveness for all His children who have done wrong. It’s right here in our instruction book — it’s right here on our “to do” list. In our Bible we read today that one of Jesus’ disciples asked Him, “How often must I forgive my brother if he wrongs Me?” And Jesus answers, not seven times but seventy-seven times.” Jesus is telling us that we must always be practicing our forgiveness — always.

Boys and girls, now you know why we must forgive, but how do we do it? Well first we must always be thinking about our “to do” list, and high up on that list is forgiveness. When someone does something wrong to you, sure you are going to get angry. And then comes the hard part. And if you’ve been studying your “to do” list you’ll know that God has asked you to forgive that person. And when you forgive, all the bad thoughts that weigh you down will be lifted from your backpack of emotions. But there’s something else to remember boys and girls. First you forgive, and then you must forget! Focus on the forgiveness and then forget the hate, and the anger and the resentment. And when you do that, you will show God how well you have been studying your “to do” list!

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