Children’s Sunday Sermons May 2022

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 1, 2022

Good morning girls and boys. Today we read in our Bibles that Jesus instructed us to, “Look after My sheep.” Just like the shepherd who takes care of his flock of sheep, as loyal followers of Jesus, we are like His sheep and Jesus is like our shepherd. And by saying, “Look after My sheep,” Jesus has told us that we are responsible for looking out for one another.

We said it many times before! If someone you know is in need, you must try to help that person. If someone has less than you, you should share with that person. If someone is hurting inside, you should listen to that person with your heart. And if you do those things, you will be obeying Jesus’ instruction to look after His sheep.

Boys and girls, in the animal Kingdom few creatures are needier than sheep. They need their shepherd to survive. We, humans, like to think of ourselves as being as clever as a fox, as strong as a horse, as wise as an owl, but we must remember that in many ways we are like sheep. We are dependent upon our Good Shepherd, Jesus. Like sheep, we need a shepherd. Without a shepherd sheep would not survive. And without Jesus, we cannot live the good life that He has promised for us.

This week let’s think about what Jesus has told us. As loyal followers of our Good Shepherd, we have responsibilities to all the members of our flock. And you know what those responsibilities are. They’re on your “To Do” list!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 8, 2022

Good morning girls and boys. How many of you have ever had a hearing test? Okay — that’s most of you. For many years schools across the country have tested the hearing of students, usually in the first or second grade. Why do you suppose that kind of testing is so important for youngsters? That’s right. For them to be ready to learn, it’s important that all boys and girls can hear their teachers and their school lessons. And thanks to the many gifts of modern medicine, for those boys and girls who have trouble hearing, we have special ways of helping them hear better.

But you know boys and girls, as we’ve said before, hearing is just the beginning. You may have the best hearing in the entire school but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a good listener, does it? No! Your sense of hearing is a gift from God that you are born with. The ability to really listen is something you must learn.

Think about this:

You may hear music playing — but if you really listen, the songs can fill your ears with joy!

You may hear instructions from your parents and teachers — but if you really listen, their voices can fill your mind with knowledge.

You may hear the crying of a friend or neighbor, but if you really listen, their calls can fill your heart with caring.

You may hear your Bible lessons spoken, but if you really listen, those lessons will fill you up with the Love of God.

This week boys and girls, as we go about our daily lives at school and at home and even at play, let’s all practice not just hearing, but listening! And if you do hat, God will surely hear that you are one of Jesus’ loyal followers doing the good work that is expected. So be sure to keep your ears open, but also your heart to all the things God wants you to do. Did you hear what I just said? Have you been listening?

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 15, 2022

Good morning boys and girls. Have you ever heard the expression, “Laughter is the best medicine?” That’s right! It’s a fact that laughter is good for our health! And if that is true then I think we are a very healthy group!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the Bible also tells us about the importance of laughter and joy in our lives. It says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine . . .” (Proverbs 17:22). And we know that God wants each of us to share our cheerful hearts with others. He wants us to share our good medicine.

Have you ever known a person who is always smiling and cheerful? Or how about another kind of person who is always frowning and grumpy? Which person do you think shows the joy that should be shared with others? Of course, it’s the person who is smiling.

So how do you think we can help others who don’t seem to have much to smile about? How do we share our joy with others? The answer, boys, and girls is right here in our Bibles. Jesus tells us to “love one another.” And He tells us that if we do, we will have joy, and so will others who we share it with! In other words, boys and girls, laughter and joy really are good medicine that we can share with others!

What are some of the “good medicine” things we have learned about? That’s right — caring and sharing and listening are all good medicine. Those are all things that can bring joy and laughter and give us a cheerful heart. Of course, we all face hard times in our lives and have bad days — that’s normal. But if you think about all the things that Jesus has taught us and try to do those things, I think you just might start smiling again! And that’s always good medicine!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 22, 2022

Good morning boys and girls. Have you ever known a person who tells you they will do something and then they don’t? Of course, all of us have met people like that. And even though we shouldn’t, we have all probably done that occasionally. But we must do better. Sometimes it might be impossible to keep a promise — or maybe it wasn’t a good promise — one that we shouldn’t have made in the first place. Just ask yourself — is this something my parents or teacher would want me to do?


When we find that we haven’t kept a good promise we explain why we didn’t and then we say we are sorry and try to do better. When we make a good promise to our parents or teachers, brothers or sisters, we must always try to keep that promise. We must try to stay “true to our word.” And if you do that, soon people who know you will be proud that you are someone whom they can trust.

Today we read in our Bibles that Jesus said, “Anyone who loves Me will be true to My Word.” What is Jesus telling us here, boys and girls? That’s right. Jesus has spoken many words that are written in our Bibles. You already know what many of those things are. His words tell us the things that He expects of His loyal followers. But Jesus didn’t just speak the words that are written in our Bibles. No, He also taught us by His wonderful examples. He showed us through His caring and His miracles that He wasn’t just talking about great things, but that He was doing great things. He taught us with His words, and by His deeds. And here in the Bible, He is telling us that we shouldn’t just read His words, and speak His words, but be “true to His word,” by following His many wonderful examples.

Now you see boys and girls how important it is to keep your word. And that means not just saying the things that we talk about each week but doing the things that we have learned. So, this week let’s all get out there and get busy doing our jobs as loyal followers of Jesus! Let’s all promise Jesus that we will stay true to His Word! And let’s make good on our promise!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 29, 2022

Good morning girls and boys. I’m sure most of you have taken a ride over a great big bridge. The kind of bridge I am thinking of is called a “suspension” bridge. It’s called that because the roadway is suspended from big, “U” shaped cables that hang from giant columns anchored deep below the surface of the water. The Golden Gate in California, the George Washington in New York, and the (local bridge name) are all examples of a suspension bridge. And isn’t it amazing that all the cars and trucks that travel on it are supported by the cables that hang down? Even more amazing is how the cables are made. They are not just one, great big fat cable. No, instead each of the great big fat cables is made up of thousands of strands of wire — each no thicker than your pinkie. And all the strands of wire are then tightly bundled together to make one big, strong cable.

If you saw just one of the strands of wire you might say, “Wow! that’s not strong enough.” But thousands of those small strands all tightly bundled together sure make it strong! Strong enough to hold millions of pounds! Isn’t that amazing?

Guess what, boys and girls? Each one of us is like one of those strands of wire bundled together and strong enough to carry out God’s work: You and your brothers and sisters, and your parents, are like strands in a strong family; bundled together in God’s Love.

Your family and other families are like strands in a strong Church; bundled together in God’s Love.

Your Church and other Churches are like strands in a strong faith community; bundled together in God’s Love.

The next time you ride over a bridge boys and girls I want you to think about how strong we can be if we all join, bundled together in God’s Love!

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