Children’s Sunday Sermons November 2021

Children’s Sunday Sermon
November 7, 2021
Good morning boys and girls. Today we read in our Bible about a poor woman who gave everything she could to God. In her church offering, she gave only a few pennies. Not much, huh boys and girls? But the awesome part of the story is that a few pennies was all the poor woman had! It would be like the richest man in the world giving away billions of dollars! The lesson for us is that God wants you to give everything you can. God is telling you that you should be less concerned about how much you can get from others and more concerned about how much you can give, to help others.

Boys and girls have you ever noticed how after a championship game is broadcast on television, the newscaster will go around and interview the fans of the winning team. What do the fans always say. That’s right. They chant, “We’re Number One. We’re Number One!” Those people who are chanting are all very happy and proud that their team has won. And that’s okay boys and girls to be happy about a sporting event and to be proud of your team. You see there is a time when it’s not so good. When winning is your number one priority in life that is not good. When putting yourself first, is your number one priority in life that is not good. In other words, boys, and girls, it’s not what you can get that is most important it’s how much you can give to help others.

So, what is the number one thing in your life? What is it that you think you can’t live without? Perhaps some of you had a birthday recently and you are thinking of a great birthday present you received. Or maybe it’s all the money you saved in your piggy bank. Or maybe it is having your football team win the Super Bowl. Am I right? Those are mostly material things – possessions – things that we sometimes think we could never live without – things like computers, and video games and DVD players and television sets, and money so we can buy more of those things!

Now let’s try this again. Are you thinking about what is most important to you? Good. Now I hope you’re thinking about your family and your teachers, or the other boys and girls in this room. And you know what’s different about this list? That’s right – now you are thinking about God’s children. And remember, the important job you have as children of God to is show those who are most important to you how much you care about them. Now let’s think about that this week! Let’s remember what’s most important! Let’s show all the members of our Christian family that they are number one on our list!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
November 14, 2021
Good morning girls and boys! I’m sure all of you have heard the popular song from the musical Annie called Tomorrow. In it we hear Annie signing that Tomorrow. . .

The sun will come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun!

Just thinking about tomorrow, wears away the cobwebs, and the sorrow. ’Til there’s none!

When I’m stuck with a day, that’s gray, and lonely,

I just stick out my chin, and Grin, and Say,

Oh, the sun will come out, tomorrow. So, you got to hang on ’til tomorrow, come what may,

Tomorrow, tomorrow! I love you, tomorrow! You’re always a day away!

This song offers a lesson for each one of us here today because tomorrow is always there with the promise of better things to come. As you sit here today maybe you have a lot of things that you are looking forward to – tomorrow. Let’s all take a moment to think about some of these things. What did you think of? Okay, you might have thought about your birthday that will soon be here. Or you might have thought about Thanksgiving and Christmas and having some time off from school. Or you might have thought about a vacation, or maybe visiting a grandparent or relative who lives in another city. Those are all wonderful things to look forward to. And if you think even farther ahead you can imagine your high school graduation, going to college, starting your career.

And you know what, boys and girls, it doesn’t end there — that’s just the beginning. These things are all beginnings. There are many more wonderful things that adults look forward to throughout their lives. But whether we are eight or eighty-eight, all of us have something even greater to look forward to. There’s a “Tomorrow” story for us all. And that is the story of the place that God has reserved for each of His children – in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus has given us His sacred Word that this is true. And we can believe this all our lives because we read in our Bible today that Jesus’ words will never pass away. His word will be with us forever. And God loves you so much that He wants you to be happy for all eternity. That means “forever,” and that’s awesome! So now you know, boys and girls, that the best really will come – “Tomorrow”! And the next time that song plays on the radio, turn up the volume!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
November 21, 2021
Good morning girls and boys! Today I want us to talk about two words: King and Kingdom. What do these words mean? A King is a ruler, and a Kingdom includes the land and the people that the King rules over. There were many kinds of rulers over the centuries –some bad, and some very good. Because we are Christians — followers of Christ — we are ruled by a King. We are ruled by the greatest King there ever was. We are ruled by the “King of Kings.”

Jesus was the King of Kings; sent here on earth to tell us that God is with us to rule over every area of our lives. And His Kingdom includes every one of His children here on earth. His Kingdom includes each follower of Jesus, who has been asked to do the good work of God here on earth. And that’s why I can tell you boys and girls that the Kingdom of God is the one true Kingdom that we all have a place in.

As members of the Kingdom of God, as people ruled by the Kings of Kings, what are the things that are expected of us as good and true citizens? He tells us exactly what to do: to be kind to other members of the Kingdom; to help others in the Kingdom who need you; to listen to others in the Kingdom with your heart; to give to others in the Kingdom who have less; to love all the others in the Kingdom, even when it isn’t easy to do. Those are just a few of the things that are expected of us as citizens of God’s Kingdom. Boys and girls, throughout history there have been a great many earthly Kings. Some have ruled over millions of people in their Kingdoms. Some were good – many were bad. But there is only one King of Kings who teaches us about a different kind of Kingdom. And that Kingdom is not ruled with force or fear. No, instead it is ruled by the Love of God.

The Bible tells us that when Jesus appeared before the earthly ruler Pilate, he was asked “Are you a king?” We ourselves can answer that question, boys, and girls. We can say “Yes!” Jesus, our Lord and Savior is King over all!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
November 28, 2021
Good morning girls and boys! Today we read in our Bible that Jesus said, “Stay awake.” Be on the alert. If you are like me, I’m sure you have noticed that in practically every store, when you leave the checkout counter the cashier says, “have a nice day.” And you know what boys and girls, that’s a very nice thing, to wish others a nice day. We should all wish that every day is a nice day. But the truth is, every one of us, young and old, have bad days – days when nothing seems to be going right. But things always have a way of getting better, don’t they? Things always seem better in the light of “tomorrow!”

Jesus has some advice for us that comes in handy on those “not so good days.” He said, “Stay awake,” open your eyes and “Come to Me” and “learn from Me.” And He’s promised that if we do so He will help to lighten the load of troubles we carry around with us. He’ll help you get through those times when you don’t especially feel like “having a nice day.” Jesus, the King of Kings, has promised each of us that if we are alert and awake, we can follow His roadmap on our way to getting closer to God, turning those not so good days into super good days!

So, boys and girls, as we leave here this morning, I want to remember that Jesus is telling you to stay awake and keep your eyes open and you will be sure to have a nice day!

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