Children’s Sunday Sermons October 2012

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 7, 2012
Good morning boys and girls! Let’s put on our thinking caps — imagine what it would be like if everyone in this room had two heads? Maybe you should put on two thinking caps! While you are thinking I want to tell you about some children who were asked that same question during a lesson about using their imagination. Here are some of their answers:
“With two heads you would be able to sing a duet in the shower.”
“With two heads, if someone talked your head off you would still have one left!”

“With two heads, I could see eye-to-eye with myself!”

We read in our Bibles that “people were bringing little children” to Jesus and one of the disciples turned them away. But Jesus was angered by this and said, “Let the little children come to Me, because it is these children that the Kingdom of God belongs to. Anyone who does not welcome the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

Wow! What does that mean boys and girls? Does it mean that adults have to act like children into order to enter the kingdom of heaven?

Well, in a way it does! Jesus is talking about having childlike trust in God. A trust in God just like the trust each one of us has for our parents when we are young. We don’t ask a lot of questions or doubt that our parents will take care of us. We don’t ask a lot of questions or doubt that they will always be there for us. We don’t ask a lot of questions or doubt that they love us. No, instead, children trust their parents. And all of God’s children can trust Him the same way! It is the same way for our trust in God — for all of us — young and old, me and you! We trust in all the things that Jesus has taught — that He will always be there for us, that He will always take care of us — that He will always love us. We believe in our Father in heaven with childlike trust.

Now boys and girls let’s share what you imagined you could do with two heads? How about doing twice the schoolwork you are doing now! I know, I know — you already have enough homework. But let’s really imagine what it would be like if we all put our heads together and started to really prove that we have been listening to our Lessons each week.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 14, 2012
Good morning girls and boys! Today I want to talk about a subject we all know a lot about. But before I tell you what it is, I’d like to give you a few clues and ask you to guess!

Okay — here goes:

1) It makes a lot of sense.
2) It has different denominations.
3) People can’t get enough of it.

Would someone like to guess? — No, no it’s not religion I am talking about it’s — M-O-N-E-Y! Money!

And you know what boys and girls, even though we are told in songs, and in movies, and on greeting cards, and on television that “Money makes the world go ’round,” — it really doesn’t! All of the members of our Christian family know that the Love of God is what really makes the world go around!

Imagine this, boys and girls. Suppose you had the greatest video game collection, scooter, computer and skateboard in the world. Now suppose I told you that you had to give it all away to another child? That would be pretty tough — wouldn’t it, boys and girls? Well I have some news for you: In the Bible we learn that Jesus did just that! He told a very rich man who lived a good life that if he really wanted to be a true and loyal follower that he must give up his money and give it to the poor! Every bit of it!

Boys and girls the important lesson for us today is not that you must give up everything. No, instead it is a lesson about learning what is most important. Jesus is teaching us what our priorities, (a word we learned before) should be. And we should all remember that while we need money to buy the clothes that we wear and the food that we eat and the house that we live in, it is not the most important thing in our lives. It is not the most important thing to have more toys, or clothes or houses or cars than everyone else. And we also have learned that it is very important that we share with others who have less than we do.

Okay boys and girls. Here’s something that’s easy to remember about money. If you buy something for a quarter that you pay for with a dollar what do you get? Change — that’s right! Now this week let’s all try to start changing our ideas about money. Let’s try not to make it the first thing we think about. Let’s do what Jesus has taught us and try to think of others first. That will please God — and that’s better than money in the bank.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 21, 2012
Good morning girls and boys! We read in the Bible today that Jesus came to SERVE others — not to BE served. Imagine boys and girls that a famous Olympic athlete comes to speak at our school. Let’s pretend it is a gold medalist who scored the winning goal in a soccer match with just seconds to spare. What would we do to get ready for the visit? Well maybe we’d plan a party the night before to welcome our guest speaker. We’d probably make sure that the school auditorium was looking its best. We might have a welcoming committee ready to greet the athlete when he or she arrived. Afterwards, we would listen to a speech and give the person a big round of applause. After the speech, maybe there would be a terrific banquet held in their honor.

Now imagine this! Another great figure comes to your town and this time, instead of speaking first before hundreds of people, he comes directly to you — not to shake your hand but to kneel down before you to wash your feet! That’s crazy you would say. But you know what, boys and girls? That’s exactly what Jesus did. He knelt down before some of His followers and He washed their feet! Why do you suppose He did this, boys and girls? Well, we know the answer. Jesus’ most important work was always to help others, to put others first. Jesus has been called “the Man for others.” And Jesus set many wonderful examples for His followers, to teach them also to put others first.

This week boys and girls let’s try to follow this wonderful example. No, I’m not telling you to go out and open a foot washing business — but I am asking you think about this: the next time you find yourself thinking, “Gee, what’s in it for me,” change your thinking and ask yourself, “How can I help someone else.” And when you do that, boys and girls, you’ll be following the example of the Greatest Leader there ever was — you’ll be following Jesus, “The Man For Others.”

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 28, 2012
Good morning girls and boys! Today we read in the Bible about a blind man who appeared among a crowd of people gathered to hear Jesus preach. The blind man asked Jesus to make him see again. He asked Jesus for a miracle. And guess what, boys and girls? Jesus granted the man’s wish and restored his sight. That’s amazing! And then Jesus told the man that it was his faith — his belief in God that saved him. Faith had restored his sight, and after that, the man became a follower of Jesus!

Boys and girls, that is a good lesson — not just for the blind man who believed in Jesus’ healing powers, but for all of us. The reason is, boys and girls, sometimes all of us are a little bit blind. That’s right! What I mean is that Jesus can be like a bright light for us. Jesus shines His goodness and love on each one of us and sometimes, like the blind man, we don’t see the light.

Have you ever taken a mirror outside in the bright sunlight and pointed it towards the sun? What happens when you do this? That’s right, a powerful bright light will be reflected from the mirror! Well, boys and girls, as loyal followers of Jesus you can be like that mirror. You can reflect the powerful bright light of Jesus. How do you reflect this beautiful light? By being obedient to Jesus’ instruction to love one another. That’s how! Now let’s all go out this week and try to be shining examples of the goodness and love and compassion that Jesus has for each one of us.

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