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Welcome to Children’s Sunday Sermons from — an online directory of outstanding preaching resources! For more than five decades, the Sunday Sermons editors have served the preaching ministries of clergy worldwide and continue to do so today! Our Sermons and pulpit resources are a powerful aid to busy preachers, pastors, and church leaders tasked each week with preaching God’s Word to their people. 

Are you looking for a children’s  sermon for this Sunday? At, we understand how challenging it is to find fresh ideas for sermons each Sunday of the year. Our comprehensive online directory of children’s sermons provides preachers with thousands of resources to help them more effectively prepare their messages. 

The pulpit-tested resources at include inspirational Sermons indexed by a wide range of topics and scriptures – and are keyed to the ABC lectionary cycle. Preachers have ready access to our full-text Sermons, sermon audio, prayers, illustrations, and thousands of additional resources — ideal for all age groups, including children. 

We invite you to explore for immediate access to our complete library of Sermons, illustrations, prayers, children’s messages, and more! 

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Children’s Sunday Sermon October 1, 2023 Good morning, boys and girls. Today, I’d like to talk about a word we have studied before. That word is REPENTANCE. What is repentance, boys and girls? That’s right, you remember that repentance is owning up to the things you have done wrong, saying you are sorry, and
Children’s Sunday Sermon September 3, 2023 Good morning boys and girls. I heard the good news! “What good news, you ask?” The good news is that it is back to school time! I know, I know. A lot of you don’t think that’s such great news, but summer vacation is almost over, and it’s
Children’s Sunday Sermon Good morning boys and girls. Will everyone who is happy please raise your hand? Very good, that is most of you. And to anyone who is not feeling happy today, just remember, things will get better, I promise. Exactly what makes you happy, boys and girls? Let’s name some things. Spending
Children’s Sunday Sermon Good morning boys and girls. Have you ever heard someone say, “You can be anything, or you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it?” What does this mean? It means if you set a goal for yourself and keep your mind focused on that goal, you
Children’s Sunday Sermon Good morning boys and girls. Did you know that the tiny little chip in your computer or smartphone is made up of something called silicon? Did you know that silicon is nothing more than ordinary sand that you find on the beach? Think of this chip as the “brain” inside of
Children’s Sunday Sermon Good morning boys and girls. Today I want to tell you a story about a little ant who felt like he wasn’t being treated fairly. He thought he was given more than his fair share of work to do. You see, he had the job of carrying a piece of a
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