A Statement Of Purpose (Death of a Public-figure or Politician)


“I have come not to be served, but to serve” (Mark 10:45).

Did he (she) win important elections? Was he (she) popular at the polls — a vote-getter? Was he (she) a great campaigner — a dogged hand-shaker?

 We could go on and on with such questions about the life and times of [First Name], whom we have come together to mourn and commit to his (her) Maker. But, in so doing, we would only be distracted from the true significance of his (her) life and his (her) public service. The important question is, “In what manner did this public servant serve the public?”

Immediately the answer comes, which affirms that he (she) always put his (her) public service ahead of self-service. Not, “What, in a given situation, best serves my career, but what best serves the people I represent?”

His (Her) Statement of Purpose as a politician is in perfect harmony with Jesus’ own Statement of Purpose. “I have come not to be served, but to serve,” Jesus said to His disciples.

In imitation of Jesus,…

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