We Die a Little Bit Today


“What little sense you have. How slow you are to believe all that the prophets have announced! Did not the Messiah have to undergo all this to enter into His glory?” (Luke 24:25-26).

The day-to-day process of death/resurrection

A number of years ago, an international poll was taken to discover the name of the person most widely recognized throughout the whole world. The result was surprising to many people. The most widely recognized person was not the President of the United States, the Pope in Rome, or the heavyweight boxing champion Mohammed Ah. It was a (now deceased) soccer player from Brazil, a man named Pele. He is so well known internationally first of all, because no less than 140 countries participate in World Cup soccer matches and, secondly, he was such a great player he was able to lead his team from Brazil to an unprecedented three World Cup championships. But there is a third reason for his worldwide popularity: He is a good man. People respect and love him as a good man. When he recently played his last game, there were 75,000 people in the stadium, millions more watching on TV. Pele stood in the…

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