We Have a Future


Thank God for revealing His Love in Christ Crucified “Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit” (Luke 23:45).

There is a scene in Lloyd Douglas’ book, “The Robe,” in which Justus (a disciple of Christ) and Marcellus (the Centurion who had overseen the Crucifixion) are talking about Jesus. Says Justus, “I only know that He is alive, and I am always expecting to see Him. Sometimes I feel aware of Him as if He were close by… It keeps you honest. You have no temptation to cheat anyone, or lie to anyone, or hurt any- one-when, for all you know, Jesus is standing beside you.” Marcellus answers, “I’m afraid I should feel very uncomfortable being perpetually watched by some invisible presence.” To which Justus replies, “Not if that Presence helped you defend yourself against yourself, Marcellus. It is a great satisfaction to have Someone standing by to keep you at your best.”

Let us find some word of acclamation, some audible sign of our faith in that Someone who is standing by to keep us at our best. In the days before Easter,…

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