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New York tenants turn on the heat…Minnesotans plant gardens. +40 Californians shiver uncontrollably… Minnesotans sunbathe. +35 Italian cars don’t start. +32 Distilled water freezes. +30 You can see your breath…you plan a Florida vacation…politicians began to worry about the homeless…Minnesotans eat ice cream. +25 Boston water freezes…Californians weep pitiably…cat insists on sleeping on your bed with you. +15 You plan a vacation to CANCUN!!!! Cleveland’s water freezes…San Franciscans start thinking favorably of L.A. Green Bay Packers fans put on T-shirts…YEAH! +10 Politicians begin to talk about the homeless…too cold to snow…you now need jumper cables to get the car going. 0 New York landlords turn on the heat. -5 You can hear your breath…you…

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