As he lay on his death bed, the renowned Jewish Theologian, Abraham Heschel, was visited by a close friend who found him woefully weak. The friend said that Rabbi Heschel faintly whispered to him … ”Sam, after my attack, when I regained consciousness, my first feeling was not of despair … or anger. I felt …

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Wonder | Awe | Children

“How awe-inspiring this place is!” (Genesis 28:17). A little girl was traveling on a train with her father. As she looked out the window, she saw many things that excited her. “Look daddy,” she would exclaim, “there’s a horse!… Look daddy, there’s a corn field!… Look, there’s a cow going into the barn!… There’s a …

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Wonder | Awe | Christianity

“You have seen done among you all the things that mark the true apostle… the signs, the marvels, the miracles” (II Corinthians 12:13). “There is an indispensable, happy little word being elbowed out of Christianity,” someone has written. “That word is wonder. Take the wonder out of Christmas, for example, and you not only take …

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Wonder | Awe | Faith

“If you read my words, you will have some idea of the depths that I see in the Mystery of Christ” (Ephesians 3:4). Oh the wonder of it all Oh the wonder of it all Just to think that God loves me! Dag Hammarskjold echoed those words from the George Beverly Shea song when he …

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