Aging | Short Shorts | Youth

THE OLDER GENERATION You know you’re a part of the older generation if you can’t hear the “William Tell Overture” without thinking of The Lone Ranger.

Family | Short Shorts | Youth

PARENTS In her school essay on “parents,” a little girl wrote: “We got our parents so late in age that it is impossible to change their habits.”

Humor | Short Shorts | Youth

STAY YOUNG You can stay young indefinitely if you eat wisely, get plenty of sleep, work hard, have a positive mental outlook — and lie about your age.

Short Shorts | Youth

TEENS Teenagers were put on earth to keep adults from wasting time on the telephone.

Adversity | Perspective | Pride | Success | Youth

EVALUATING YOUR EFFORTS Then there was this fellow who was excited when he successfully pulled a cornstalk out by its roots. When his father patted him on the back the boy beamed and said, “Just think, the whole world had hold of the other end of it.”

Humor | Short Shorts | Youth

GROWING UP When the children stop asking where they came from and start refusing to tell you where they are going, you know they’re growing up. Cornerstones

Appearance | Short Shorts | Youth

OUT OF IT You know you’re out of it when your teen-ager knocks on your bedroom door first thing in the morning and says, “Today is ‘Nerd Day’ at school, Pop. Can I borrow some of your clothes?”

Short Shorts | Youth

TEEN TROUBLE Show me a kid of 18 who can’t wait to register to vote and I’ll show you a kid who’s going to be trouble in other areas as well. From Funny, Funny World, by Martin Ragaways, Los Angeles, California 90069

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POSTER WISDOM “Attention Teenagers, If you are tired of being hassled by unreasonable parents, now is the time for action! Leave home and pay your own way while you still know everything!”

Humor | Mother | Youth

TEENAGE AWARENESS First mother of a teenager: “My daughter doesn’t tell me anything. I’m a nervous wreck!” Second mother of a teenager: “My daughter tells me everything, and I’m a nervous wreck!”

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