Stay Awake

Tranquilizers and sleeping pills are in great demand these days, and today’s Gospel emphasis on staying awake may seem out of step with the times. Perhaps some of us would prefer a few words about sleep. Consequently, we will talk about waking and sleeping both. Some of us are physically awake, but emotionally and spiritually …

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Incidentally, What Is Happiness?

Once, when our good friend Charlie Brown was going away for a couple of days, Linus says to him, “I guess I won’t be seeing you until Monday, Charlie Brown, so have a happy weekend.” To which Charlie Brown replies, “Thank you.” Then, after he ponders for a moment, Charlie asks, “Incidentally, what is happiness?” …

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When You Pray

A young man who comes from a conservative Christian tradition, tells the story of the time when he was training to be a paratrooper. He was being prepared for his first jump. The instructor explained that when he jumped out of the plane the parachute would open automatically. If by some mischance it didn’t open, …

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We Need To Practice!

In a light-hearted play called “The Curious Savage,” one of the characters, named “Fairy May,” is feeling mighty low because, as she says, “No one has said they love me this live-long day.” To which a character named “Mrs. Savage” replies, “Why yes they have, Fairy. I heard Florence say it at the dinner table. …

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