It Gets You Started

George and Marjorie were given a thirty-fifth wedding anniversary party. During the celebration, George was asked to share some of his thoughts about the long-lasting marriage. He began by going back thirty years to the night when, during a severe thunderstorm, Marjorie was tucking their little boy into bed … “As Marjorie was about to …

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Not A Moment To Lose

There is a story told about a French Army General that describes his hurry to get things done. One morning under the bright North African sun, he told the orderly landscaping his compound that, by noon, he wanted a certain plant moved from one place to another. The orderly was in no mood for “busy” …

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Have We Found The Messiah?

We are born for life! So says our very nature. And so says the Bible. Born for life! In Biblical terms, this means that we humans have a spiritual dimension that is ‘immortal” and “incorruptible” — that is to say, our “soul.” It means that as whole human persons we are capable of making decisions. …

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Nothing Is A Barrier

In John Masefield’s poem, “Good Friday,” a flower peddler says to Jesus: “Friend, it is over now –the passion, the tears, the pains. Only the truth remains.” Not very much in life can make real sense until we find the truth about who we are and begin to grow into that person. The Good News …

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There Is Nothing Else

There is an old saying that goes, God throws our sins into the depths of the sea and puts a sign on the shore that reads, “NO FISHING.” In an ancient Good Friday legend, Jesus has died on the cross and all the angels in Heaven are in a state of confusion. They knew what …

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