He Was Against It

President Calvin Coolidge was noted for his brevity of speech. He never used three words when one or two would suffice. One Sunday morning, he went to Church without his wife who wasn’t feeling very well. When the President returned to the White House, Mrs. Coolidge asked what the sermon was about. “Sin,” Coolidge said. …

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When We Care Enough

Jesus spoke the “Parable of the Mustard Seed” from a boat anchored off the shore of the Sea of Galilee. In that area, the mustard plant grows eight to ten feet high. As with all the “seed-parables,” Jesus makes the contrast between the insignificant beginning and the final product a point of wonder. The mustard …

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The Best Possible Glimpse

I paid a dime for a package of seeds. The clerk tossed them down with a flip. “We have them assorted to every man’s needs,” he said, with a smile on his lips — Pansies, poppies, asters, and peas– Ten cents a package; now pick as you please. Now seeds are just dimes to the …

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On This Day

A pastor was standing at the Church doorway, shaking hands with the parishioners as they filed out. The pastor spotted a man who, prior to that Sunday morning, hadn’t seen the inside of a Church in ten years. He pulled the man aside and said, “Glad to see you again. Are you ready for service …

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The Ultimate Paradox

The Lord Jesus, the Apostles, the New Testament writers and the Early Christians all made use of jolting paradoxes in their teaching… In the Kingdom of God, the last are first, the first are last. The humble will be exalted; the exalted will be humbled. Those who mourn will rejoice; those who laugh will cry. …

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Who Are The Citizens?

A model morning prayer appeared in the Parish Bulletin of a Church in Missouri: Dear God: So far today I’ve done all right. I haven’t gossiped. I haven’t lost my temper. I haven’t been greedy or grumpy or nasty or selfish. In fact, I haven’t done anything wrong at all. And I’m really pleased about …

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How Happy You Will Be!

In today’s Gospel Lesson, Jesus tells us that the necessary precondition for our wholeness of life — genuine happiness — is to trust everything to God, that is, our very lives … “Seeing the crowds, He went up the hill. There He sat down and was joined by His disciples. Then He began to speak. …

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A Family Affair

One Sunday afternoon, a Washington, D.C. pastor received a telephone call from a woman parishioner. “I heard you preach this morning and I thought the sermon was fine,” she said, “but I object to your use of masculine pronouns every time you refer to God. It’s always ‘He’ or ‘Him,’ never ‘She or Her’.” And …

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