Spiritual nourishment

What’s On The Menu?

On a Sunday afternoon, a woman we shall call “Aunt Emma,” was commenting on the sermon she had heard preached earlier that day. She said … “The sermon lasted rather long, but I didn’t mind because that’s when I plan my menus for the coming week.” One can only wonder what kind of menus such …

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No Dropouts

The New Testament writers portray Jesus Christ at work and at leisure in many capacities … He fishes with the Apostles. He cleanses people of evil spirits. He reads Scripture at synagogue services. He heals and He comforts. He carries a Cross. He prepares dinner for the crowds and breakfast for the Apostles. He attends …

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Satisfy Your Hunger

A rather portly pastor had been urged by several parishioners to lose weight. Finally, he decided to take their advice. His doctor gave him a detailed diet plan which he followed meticulously, carefully weighing every portion of every meal. The result was a dramatic weight loss over a period of weeks. He was so proud …

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The Best Is Yet To Come

A certain pastor told of a woman in his congregation who was struggling to work through a devastating loss. Her beloved husband, an electrician, accidentally brushed up against a hot wire and was electrocuted. The sudden tragedy had put her in a state of utter helplessness. Finally, on a Sunday morning, she spoke to the …

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Fish Sandwiches?

In a little book called “You’re Out of Date, God” the author quotes from an old letter from her mother: Things are fine around here. Myra Kimble went to Church Sunday. She said the sermon lasted rather long, but she didn’t mind because that’s when she plans her menu for the week, and she was …

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