Up A Tree?

The tragedy of September 11th, put us all in touch with the great Mysteries we encounter in our human situation; the Mystery of Life itself; the Mystery of Love, which is the Mystery of God; the Mystery of Evil, which begs the agonizing question, “Why?”; and, of course, the Mystery of Death, which includes the …

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Creative Love

God has not fashioned us to cope with life on earth in isolation. Because we are who we are, because we are who God intends us to be, we have a built-in need for support. Our clearest earthly vision of life’s meaning and purpose (which is infinitely beyond the reasoning power of mankind) comes to …

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Practice! Practice! Practice!

When the poet, Maya Angelou, appeared on the “Today Show” a few years ago, she was asked about her lifetime goals. She answered, “I want to become a Christian.” This surprised the show’s host who asked, “But aren’t you already a Christian?” To which the poet replied, “When people come up to me and say …

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When Is It Time To Love Somebody?

In a syndicated newspaper cartoon, Santa Claus is pictured at his work bench putting a new toy together. From his nearby TV set, he hears a reporter saying, We continue our look at the real meaning of Christmas sales indicators. Consumers have dramatically cut back their borrowing which could slow the economy, but which might …

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Three Little Words

In a delightful book called “To See a World in a Grain of Sand,” C.L. James tells the fable of a wise old cat who noticed a kitten chasing its tail. “Why are you chasing your tail so?” asked the wise old cat. The kitten replied, “I have learned that the best thing for a …

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