The Crazy Quilt

“We all have our ups and downs.” So goes the old cliche’. When we’re “down” life can seem like a crazy-quilt-stitched together, as it were, without pattern or design. Life becomes a series of unrelated events, and because it lacks a wholesome sense of continuity, we feel incomplete, fragmented, unfulfilled. No one, it seems, is …

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No Middle Course

Several years ago, one of the big, daily newspapers ran a thought-provoking column about religious holydays and secular holidays. Both, said the writer, are losing their meaning. We appear to be simply “going through the motions on the days of our religious and secular festivals. More and more, we’re becoming a fragmented people, withdrawn from …

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Try Eating Artichokes?

The early Church leader, St. Augustine, once was confronted by a man who showed him his pagan idol and said, “Here is my god; where is yours?” Augustine replied, “I cannot show you my God because you have no eyes to see Him.” To which we might add, “We cannot show each other ‘our’ God …

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Me, A Radical?

Do you think of yourself as a conservative or a radical, right-winger or left-winger? Some of you may reject the right-wing/conservative label on the grounds that persons on the “Right” seem to be hard-hearted, concerned only with the welfare of the “haves” and indifferent to the problems and sufferings of the “have-nots.” Others may reject …

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