Coal Into Diamonds

In the last half of John’s Gospel, Jesus spends a lot of time in the upper-room, talking to His disciples, preparing them for what is to come: His death and His Resurrection. He wants them to understand that no matter what happens, He will not abandon them. “I will come to you,” He tells them. …

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Too Good Not To Be True

Somehow, the words “Shut up!” made an early entry into the vocabulary of a little girl named Janice. She played no favorites: it was “Shut up!” to her older brother, to her cat, to Mickey Mouse on TV, to her little friends, even to strangers in the supermarket. Finally, Janice’s parents took a once-and-for-all stand. …

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Christmas Is Coming

One day a butterfly was flying about in a meadow. It noticed below a brilliant multi-colored expanse filled with little yellow, red, purple and pink objects. The butterfly was so taken by the sight that he decided to go down and talk to some of the brightly-colored things. First, he encountered a daisy. “Why don’t …

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