Starting From Scratch

Human families set mankind apart from all other living creatures. Who else but human parents have children they can call their own for longer than it takes to set them on their feet or on their way? Even the most “affectionate” animals — the vixen, the bear, the lioness — teach their cubs to make …

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Peacemakers All!

It shall come to pass in the coming day of the Lord,” wrote the Prophet Isaiah, that all the nations shall “stream toward the house of the Lord … and many peoples shall come and say: ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord … that He may teach us His ways …

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You’ve Got A Lot To Live

Two of the characters in the Gospel Story of the Child Jesus being presented at the Temple are named Simeon and Anna. Both are old. Anna is eighty-four. Simeon’s age is not revealed but Luke makes it clear that he too is a very old person. But age was no barrier to Anna’s and Simeon’s …

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A Field Of Buttercups

On August 5, 1942, an orphanage (called “Our Home”) in the Warsaw ghetto was emptied of its 200 Jewish children. They were to be marched to the little village of Treblinka to be put to death. The children of Our Home Orphanage were counted. Their yellow armbands bearing the Star of David were snipped off …

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The Hundredth Monkey

In the early Nineteenth Century, the Church collection was taken up in a bag at the end of a pole with a bell attached to arouse sleepy contributors. Jesus comes to us on this day of Pentecost ringing a bell to arouse His sleepy followers. The bell is sounding His message of peace and His …

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