Going Someplace

The obstetrician was not at home … His five-year-old daughter answered the doorbell. “Is your daddy in?” asked the excited stranger. “No, he’s gone,” the little girl replied. “When will he return?” “I don’t know. He’s out on an eternity case.” The little girl was right. Every one of us is an eternity case — …

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Stand And Look!

In an old cartoon, a monastery scene features a large, well-manicured green lawn. In the middle of that expanse of lush greenery, there is a small, shimmering pond. Two monks, dressed in long brown robes are passing by, their eyes focused on a sign posted in the grass at the edge of the pond. The …

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One Foot In The Grave?

I’m going to tell you a fish story: It seems that some scientists decided to develop a fish that could live outside of water. They selected several healthy red herring for the experiment. They bred them and cross-bred them until, finally, they produced a fish that could live out of water. Still, they weren’t satisfied. …

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A Matter Of Life And Death

In the remote deserts of Southwestern United States, temperatures soar above 120 degrees every summer. The earth cakes and cracks. To lift one’s face to the early afternoon sun is like standing too close to the open door of a hot oven. Yet, in spite of the terrible heat, even the most isolated desert areas …

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Something Is Going On Here!

An aging bishop had grown tired of the numerous socials and receptions he was expected to attend. On one such occasion, he entered the reception room wearily and immediately slumped into the nearest easy chair. “A cup of tea, bishop?” the demure hostess asked. “No tea!” growled the bishop. “Coffee, bishop?” “No coffee!” Being an …

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