Open Your Bible: Sermon illustrations on Adversity


There’s an amusing little story about a formerly wealthy man who was down on his luck. One day, the pastor of his church spotted him sitting on a park bench, shabbily dressed and wearing a scruffy beard. “What happened to you Bob,” the preacher asked. “You used to be rather well off.”

Bob told of a hard luck story, including several bad investments and the loss of his business. “Go home,” the pastor said, “and open your Bible at random, stick your finger on the page, and there will be God’s answer to your trouble.”

Some months passed, and again, the preacher spotted the man in the park — only this time, he was dressed in an expensive suit, was wearing a fine watch, and had a fancy sports car parked nearby. “Bob,” said the Pastor, “I’m so glad to see you back on your feet.”

“Yes,” said the man, “and I owe it all to you! You see, I opened my Bible just like you said, put my finger down on the page, and there was the answer — Chapter 11.”


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