Sermon Illustrations on the Kingdom of God

Sermon Illustration on the Kingdom of God

Imagine you’re planning a new home but not sure where to start. What if you could see your entire house in life-size as if it were already built? With a new, real-scale technology known as “life-sized plans,” architects can create realistic renderings that allow you to walk through the plans and check the comfort of the rooms, ensure the doors and windows are in the correct locations, and make sure everything fits together perfectly. You can make all your design decisions knowing that the end result will be exactly as planned. It’s like seeing your dream home completed while it is still under construction.

As a Christian community, we know the coming Kingdom of God is still under construction. We know we are the building blocks the Father has placed in Jesus’ hands for its completion. The structure will be complete only when each building block is sealed securely in place and working in harmony with all the others. This, according to the design of the Divine Architect.  Most importantly, there is an indispensable bonding element needed to prevent the structure from crumbling. It is the basis of Jesus’ guarantee that it will not fall. In God’s Plan, we, the building blocks of the Kingdom, are held together in the bond of love. Our confession of Faith is a confession of love. In confessing our love for the Messiah, we simultaneously confess our love for one another. This is our life-sized plan made manifest by our Creator.

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