A Good Man Is Hard To Find

No prophet gains acceptance in his native place

Luke 4:24
Luke 4:21-30

An ancient Greek story says that outside the City of Thebes there was a monster called the Sphinx. To every person who passed by the monster gave this riddle: What creature walks in the morning upon four feet, at noon upon two feet and in the evening upon three? Anyone who failed to answer the riddle was destroyed. It was finally Oedipus who solved the riddle by answering that it is man who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks upright upon two feet at his maturity, and as an old man has to rely on a cane. The interesting thing about this old story is that our generation faces a similar riddle and if we don’t answer it we are going to be destroyed. But in our day, “man” is not the answer to the riddle. Man is the riddle! We are finding ourselves involved now in a passionate, almost obsessive search to answer the question, “Who am I and what does it…

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