An Easter People

....she ran, and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple...They both ran, but the other disciple outran Peter

John 20:2,4
John 20:1-9 or 41: or Luke 24:1-12

Sermon Week/Year

Easter Sunday,

Sermon Topic


One Easter, a little girl named Audrey came home from school and was greeted by her grandfather who was visiting. Audrey couldn’t wait to tell him all about her new friend. “And what did your new friend get for Easter,” grandfather asked. “Grandpa, you don’t understand,” Audrey said. “My friend is Jewish and she doesn’t get Easter presents. You see, I’m Christmas and she’s Hanukkah. I’m Easter and she’s Passover.” There was a brief pause, then Audrey added, “But I’m really glad that both of us are Halloween.”

I’m really glad that we’ve come together to celebrate the awesome miracle of Christ’s Resurrection. I’m really glad that all of us are Easter.

A dozen years ago, two hundred…

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