Anxious Worry

Why are you so terrified? Why are you lacking faith?

Mark 4:40
Mark 4:35-41

Sermon Topic


In George R. Hausman’s “The Parable of the Apple Tree,” the author describes how, one winter, he spent his daily breakfast-time contemplating the wonder of an apple tree in his back yard. “As I contemplated the apple tree,” he wrote, “I reminded myself that somewhere in the tree is an invisible, irresistible force or power which, in Spring, brings forth leaves and beautiful blossoms. Later on, the blossoms disappear, to be eventually replaced by apples. This brings to mind another wonder of nature. In the summertime, all the trees are beautiful with foliage, and we enjoy looking at them and experiencing their cool shade. But how does that invisible, irresistible force know to put apples on this one tree? It…

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