Applause From God

Do whatever He tells you

John 2:5
John 2:1-12

Sermon Topic


On the first day of a beginning science course, a sixth-grade science teacher decided to dazzle his young students with a demonstration of his “miraculous” powers.

To begin the demonstration, he poured a colorless liquid (a chemical called “Phenol Phthalein”) into a beaker. Then he poured another colorless liquid (“Sodium Hydroxide”) into the same beaker and, Presto! What had been a colorless solution looking very much like water was transformed into a liquid the color of blush-red wine. With a triumphant flourish, he began to stir the solution so vigorously that the beaker tipped over and the contents spilled all over his desk. The students watched as he worked furiously with a rag and a sponge, trying to clean up the mess. “Isn’t anyone going to give me a hand?” he shouted. Whereupon, the entire class applauded enthusiastically.

For two thousand years, Christians have been applauding Jesus’ miracle of changing water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana. We like the miracle…

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