Calm Your Fears

Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?

Mark 4:40
Mark 4:35-41

Sermon Topic

Christ as King,

In one of Aesop’s fables, a bunch of frogs pray to the god, Zeus, to send them a king. Zeus responds by throwing a big log into the frog pond. This creates a great splash, and the frogs are so overwhelmed and in awe of their new king they keep a respectful distance. In time, the frogs grow so bold as to climb on the back of their king where they bask in the sun. Finally, they grow dissatisfied with their king who does nothing but float quietly in the water. They want a more active king. They pray to Zeus for a new king and he sends them a stork who immediately sets about devouring them as fast as he is able. The few surviving frogs then pray to Zeus for still another king. But Zeus, now weary of their discontent, refuses, pointing out that their plight is the result of their not letting well enough alone.

On Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode…

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