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Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 7, 2023
Good morning boys and girls! How many here have heard the word PHOBIA? A phobia is a constant and unreasonable FEAR of something. The word ACROPHOBIA means fear of high places. CLAUSTROPHOBIA is a fear of small places. There are even some fears that seem kind of funny, like FRANCOPHOBIA: the fear of the country France! That really is a fear that some people have.

I’ll bet I can name a few of your phobias, boys and girls. Let me try. I’m guessing some of you have SCHOOL-O-PHOBIA, or HOMEWORK-O-PHOBIA, or CLEAN-YOUR-ROOM-O-PHOBIA! Am I correct?

Of course, fear isn’t always a bad thing. We can have a healthy fear of guns, busy streets, fire, or drugs. Those are healthy fears that keep us safe. But there is such a thing as too much fear — always being afraid.

There is a famous line from a speech that the President of the United States made many years ago…

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