Drop To Your Knees

... give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God

Matthew 22:21
Matthew 22:15-21

Sermon Topic


A wedding ceremony was about to begin. Members of the bridal procession anxiously awaited for the organ music to accompany them down the aisle. But there was only silence. One of the ushers tried to get the organist’s attention by snapping his fingers. Still there was silence. The usher then tried clapping his hands. Still no response. Finally, the now panicking usher called out the organist’s name. “Neil … Neil,” he fairly shouted and all the people in Church obediently dropped to their knees.

“Kurios Christos!” (Christ is Lord!), was the creed of a group in the Roman Empire of the First Century A.D.. The members of this group, called “Christians.” lived in a time and place in which…

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