God Keeps His Promises

**... and they will call Him Immanuel, a name that means 'God-is-with-us'** (Matthew 1:23).

Matthew 1:23
Isaiah 7:10-14; Psalms 24:1-6; Romans 1:1-7; Matthew 1:18-24

Sermon Week/Year

Fourth Sunday of Advent,

Sermon Topic


Two boys, ages eight and ten, were terribly mischevious, sometimes out of control — so much so that whenever some mischief occurred at school or in the neighborhood, the boys’ parents would assume, often correctly, that their two sons were involved. All their disciplinary efforts having failed, the parents were at their wits’ end. Then the mother heard that the newest clergyman in town had a history of success in dealing with kids who were always getting into trouble. He agreed to speak with the boys — one at a time. When the eight-year-old walked in, the frowning clergyman sat him down and said sternly, “Where is God?” No answer. Again, he said in an even sterner tone, “Where is…

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