God Rules Everything

The sun will be darkened, the moon will not shed its light, stars will fall out of the skies, and the heavenly hosts will be shaken

Mark 13:24-25
Mark 13:24-32

Sermon Topic


Here is a God who can control the sunlight easier than turning a 60-watt electric bulb on and off. Here is God who can move the stars around like billiard balls. Here is a God who is the Source of all life, all creation. And “modern religious man” approaches this Almighty God as if He were a benevolent Santa Claus, or a high-level Civil Servant who likes to do little favors for the “in” people. Modern man has lost the sense of awe and wonder that is due only to God.

More accurately, modern man has slipped into idolatry. The homage due God alone has been redirected. Whether we speak of it in terms of “major preoccupation” or “value system” or “priorities,” the hard fact is that God is not Number One. God is not at the center of our lives. We’ve moved Him over. We’ve placed ourselves at the center. In our modern Society the Spirit of God is not dominant. The spirit…

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