Opportunities For Usefulness

**The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure ...** (Matthew 13:44).

Matthew 13:44
I Kings 3:5,7-12; Psalms 119:57,72,76-77,127-128; Romans 8:28-30; Matthew 13:44-52

Sermon Topic


Several months ago, in a large New Jersey parish, the following note was slipped into the Sunday morning collection basket:

Dear Pastor,

In response to your recent sermon about Church support, I wish to inform you that the present condition of my bank account makes it almost impossible for this middle-aged man to be of much help. My shattered financial condition is due to the federal laws, state laws, county laws, corporation laws, mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, and outlaws. Through these laws, I am compelled to pay a business tax, an amusement tax, a head tax, a school tax, a gas tax, a light tax, a water tax, and a sales tax. Even my brains are taxed.

I am also expected to…

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