Playing It Safe

I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled

Luke 12:49
Luke 12:49-53

Sermon Topic


A motorist driving along an almost deserted backwoods road, noticed that his car was overheating. He spotted a man sitting on the steps of a broken-down old farmhouse. He pulled up and asked the man for some water. As he poured the water into the car’s radiator, the motorist struck up a conversation with the farmer:

“How’s your wheat coming along?”

“I didn’t plant any.”

“Really? I thought this was excellent wheat country.”

“Well, I was afraid it wouldn’t rain.”

“I see! But how’s your corn crop. I saw lots of good looking corn fields along the way.”

“I’ve got no corn either.”

“You didn’t plant corn?” Why not?”

“I was afraid…

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