Reformer, Par Excellence

**Search and you will find** (Luke 11:9).

Luke 11:9
Genesis 18:20-32; Psalms 138:1-3,6-8; Colossians 2:12-14; Luke 11:1-13

Sermon Topic

Spiritual growth,

The author of “Treasure Island,” Robert Louis Stevenson, once wrote a little essay called “The Reformers.” He tells of four reformers who feel very strongly that the world needs to be changed — radically changed. But how? They search and they search for answers and, finally, the four meet under a bramble bush to discuss their findings …

“We must abolish property,” says one.
“We must abolish marriage,” says the second.
“We must abolish God,” says the third.
“We must abolish work,” says the fourth.

On and on they go with ideas on how to get things turned around …

“The first step,” says one, “is to abolish the Bible.”
“The first step,” says another, “is…

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