The Christmas Answer

The virgin shall be with child and give birth to a Son, and they shall call Him 'Emmanuel,' a name which means 'God is with us'

Matthew 1:23
Matthew 1:18-24

Sermon Week/Year

Fourth Sunday of Advent,

Sermon Topic

Christmas expectation,

A man consulted with his pastor about a certain problem he was having. “How can I help you? What seems to be the trouble?” the pastor asked. “I feel all hollow inside, my life is empty,” the man replied. “Can you tell me why?” the pastor asked. The man bowed his head and said, dejectedly, “The woman I love turned down my marriage proposal.” The pastor tried to lift up the man’s spirits. “You mustn’t feel that way,” he said. “Surely you know that a woman’s ‘No!’ often means ‘Yes!'” “But she didn’t say ‘No!'” the man replied. “She said ‘Phooey!'”

There are persons who have an empty, “Phooey” feeling about life. They characterize our Age as hopeless. They…

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