The Freest Person Who Ever Lived

**... your liberation is near at hand** (Luke 21:28).

Luke 21:28
Jeremiah 33:14-16; Psalms 25:4-5,8-10,14; I Thessalonians 3:12-4:2; Luke 21:25-28,34-36

Sermon Week/Year

First Sunday of Advent,

Sermon Topic


Fashions in language come and go. But it’s likely that use of the word “uptight” will remain fashionable for a long time to come. According to some social scientists, the “uptight” person is not neurotic, but normal. It is fashionable, it seems, to get uptight about all the things everyone else is uptight about. It is fashionable (normal), it seems, to be uptight about “getting ahead”; uptight about paying the bills; uptight about political problems; uptight about social problems; even uptight about being uptight.

The uptight person, the excessive “worry-bird,” is enslaved by an inflated notion of his or her ability to manage the future. But, we should not — we dare not — be uptight about tomorrow and tomorrow’s…

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