The Whole Picture

... they marveled at the appealing discourse which came from His lips

Luke 4:22
Luke 4:21-30

Two kindergarten pupils were standing together in the schoolyard. A jet plane whizzed by overhead. “Did you see that?” said one of the little lads. “That was a BX501.” The other replied, “No, it was a BX51. You can tell by the sweep of the wing.” The first lad said, “I believe you are right. And did you notice it wasn’t going more than 760 miles per hour because it didn’t break the sound barrier.” They agreed on this point. Then the first lad said, “Isn’t it amazing how the pressure develops on a plane like that when it goes into a dive.” “That’s right,” said the other, “almost twelve hundred pounds per square inch.” Whereupon the bell rang, calling…

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