Unanswered Questions

Why have you treated us so?

Luke 2:48
Luke 2:41-52

Sermon Week/Year

The Holy Family,

According to her publisher, author Bernadette Snyder “is a homemaker and mother who is known for her writing of grocery lists, notes for the refrigerator door, garage sale notices and distress signals. She is also an advertising writer/designer, a weekly columnist for a religious newspaper and the author of several books.” A chapter in one of her books is entitled, “The Whys Will Inherit the Earth” (notice the spelling (not W-I-S-E, but W-H-Y-S). In that chapter, Ms. Snyder says, among other things …

Descendants are deflating to the ego and hazardous to you mental health. When my descendant was about six-years-old, he had a million questions. His ‘Why?s didn’t bother me because I either knew the answer or could…

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