A Beautiful Gift of Light

You are the Light of the world

Matthew 5:14
Isaiah 58:7-10; Psalms 112:4-9; I Corinthians 2:1-5; Matthew 5:13-16

Twenty-seven hundred years ago, King Ezechia had a real problem because Jerusalem’s water supply was outside the city’s walls. This made the people of Jerusalem very vulnerable to enemy attacks, because their enemies could begin to place the city under siege by cutting off its water supply, from outside. King Ezechia’s solution to the problem was to build a tunnel, seventeen hundred feet long through a solid rock mountain, to serve as a conduit for the water going into the city. Construction of the tunnel was started at both ends, in the hope of meeting somewhere in the middle. Amazingly, they did meet in the middle (remember, this was twenty-seven hundred years ago). Actually, they didn’t cut a straight line to each other (it is a very snake-like tunnel) but they managed somehow to connect. Today, tourists can walk through King Ezechia’s tunnel. A Washington, D.C. pastor, now retired, describes what it was like for him to walk through the tunnel some years ago. In…

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